Dear current, future and previous members,

dear guests and sponsors,

dear friends of the GYA,

It’s again that time of the year, the AGM is not long now. Only 13 weeks. And you know what? Time will fly. Before we know it, we will all meet here in Halle at our amazing location, the Leopoldina, to welcome our new members and lay out the groundwork for the next year to come. Up until then, we will keep you updated on any news regarding the AGM. We will introduce you to panelists and speakers, your country of destination, look at what exactly will happen at the AGM and offer a few checklists on what to bring, and what to be prepared for.

Everything will be sent out through several channels. You will receive emails, and there will be posts on Facebook as well as Twitter. Here, on the Microsite, we will then archive the content for you for easier reference. So, do check your email settings of your favourite email service and make sure that anything originating from or do not end up in the spam box. And of course do follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

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Should any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us at the office:

(Membership & Finances Officer)

(Office Assistant – AGM Invitations / Travel arrangements)

(AGM Project Officer)

Kirsten (Media Officer)

James (Press Officer)

Best regards,
The GYA Office.