with coach Lisa Shufro

The benefits to GYA members include learning to:

  1. Structure a 3-minute talk to professionals outside their field of expertise
  2. Modify tactics typical of academic presentations for a conference environment
  3. Feel more confident when presenting

Even if you can’t take part in all offers, the webinars and masterclass will be recorded and publicized for interested GYA members to view and learn from.

Pre-Event Webinar

A 2-part series, consisting of a presentation with case studies, and an open Q&A session. Attendees may ask about their own talks, or about preparing public talks in general.

Part 1: Planning for a 3-Minute talk about science

Can anything worthwhile be accomplished with a lighting talk about the science you’ve been working on for your whole career? This session highlights how to set effective goals for a short talk, effective strategies to prepare a draft or talk outline, and brainstorming and interactive discussion about the 10th Anniversary theme, “Re-Enlightenment.” Includes an open Q&A.

Part 2: Connecting with audiences

Some communications skills that are required for academic presentations differ from the ones that work in more public environments. In this session, we’ll explore the common pitfalls scientists face when preparing a short talk, as well as a few tactics to increase the impact of your presentations, whether you’re speaking to an interdisciplinary group of scientists, multi-lingual audiences or the general public. There will be a special emphasis on the use of slides. Includes and open Q&A.

After the seminars, the first 20 participants to submit their proposed talk outlines or drafts by April 20 will receive one round of email feedback. Of these, three participants will be invited for 1 individual coaching session prior to the event, as well as an invitation to be group coached at the on-site workshop.

On-Site Workshop

A 2-hour workshop for GYA attendees. After a brief recap of lessons from the webinars, an interactive discussion between participants and the coach will ensue. Participants may ask either about their short presentations, or general questions they have about presenting to audiences outside their expertise. Select participants may be invited to receive group coaching, and/or share their preparation process and receive feedback from the coach and the group, using principles from the webinar.

Office Hours

Participants in any of the three offerings will have first dibs to receive a 30-minute individual during the event. Additional hours are open to all participants. Hours at the discretion of the coach.



Webinar 1** – 1 April 2019, 9:00 EST [WEBINAR 1 LINK]

Webinar 2** – 8 April 2019, 9:00 EST [WEBINAR 2 LINK]

E-mail coaching, from April 15 – 25

On-site Workshop – 28 April 2019, 14:00 -17:00 in Halle (Saale), Germany

Office Hours –  April 28 – morning of May 1.

Webinars 2018

In 2018, Lisa Shufro presented her coaching sessions to the GYA members for the first time. She was kind enough to provide a recording of the webinars for interested members to look back on. If you are interested please log in to our Intranet first, you will then find the link(s) posted here. Please note that the content is meant for GYA members and alumni only, and are not to be shared with anyone outside the GYA. Thank you.


**Note about Webinars – Attendance is set to 50. Once someone signs up for the event, they will receive the dial-in/weblink information, as well as automatic reminders 1 week and 24 hours before the event.