Dear GYA alumni,

We are really looking forward to seeing some of you at the upcoming AGM next year.
As we turn 10, the year ahead will be an important period of finessing our strategy for the next 10 years, and we see our growing alumni community as a crucial component of this strategy.

To kick things off, Connie and I cordially invite you to attend the
Alumni consultation session at 1530-1700 in Seminar Room 3 on Wed 01 May.

This session will directly follow the “GYA at 10” plenary session where 3 past co-chairs (Eva, Rees, Sameh) and a founding advisory board member (Howard Alper) will share their reflections on the evolution of the GYA.

Connie and I will lead the consultation that follows, picking up on some of the reflections from that session; and will be an opportunity for alumni and perhaps a few members (it’s during working group time) to brainstorm ideas on how best to harness the growing alumni community to advance the GYA strategic goals in the years to come.

The ideas from this consultation will be taken forwards as a priority area of focus by the new Executive Committee so we would really appreciate your collective hive-mind contributions!

We look forward to seeing you for an action packed week ahead in Halle!

Warm wishes

Connie and Tolu