AGM Announcement Board

Welcome to the AGM Announcement Board. Please check back regularly during the days leading up to the AGM and the event itself for any ad-hoc changes, important announcements and other kinds of information.

Attention Alumni of the GYA!


On 01 May 15.30 hrs, all GYA Alumni attending the AGM are cordially invited to join the Alumni consultation session. Please find more information posted here.

INGSA-GYA Workshop Participants and Registration


To all members and alumni, attending the INGSA-GYA workshop on 29 April 2019 at the IWH Leibniz Institute as their first session of the AGM, please head straight to the workshop on Monday morning. You will receive your lanyard there. Signing in for registration can be done whenever you arrive at the Leopoldina subsequently.

One-on-One Coaching with Lisa Shufro


Coach Lisa Shufro, our expert on how to create compelling lightning talks and improve your communication skills overall, is offering coaching sessions to talk about your individual needs as a speaker. Find the sign up list at the Announcement Board and online here.

Come prepared: WiFi and Downloading


Please do not download large attachments during sessions. Download in the morning or during breaks and make the documents available offline for you to use during sessions. This is to prevent the local WiFi-network from slowing down too much. Thank you.