If you have received a confirmation for travel co-funding:

  1. Fill in and print the form beforehand
  2. Sign the participant list at the AGM
  3. Hand in your original ticket invoice/boarding passes and your filled-in and signed Reimbursement Form

Find the travel expenses form here.

Note: rules might be subject to change according to the rules of possible additional donors!

Accommodation Co-funding Guidelines

Participants are requested to book their own single room accommodation (see Accommodation for hotel recommendations). If you are not able to cover these costs, the GYA can support shared room costs: please submit a funding request to the GYA Office at and indicate your day of arrival and day of departure. Preference will be given to members from ODA recipient countries.

Accommodation and travel co-funding requests can be submitted together (see below).

Travel Co-funding Guidelines

Due to limited resources, we request that you raise your own funds for travel. You are encouraged to submit an abstract to present at the conference, especially if this allows you to apply for grant intended to support attendance at international conferences by local funders in your country. Please consult this Travel Fundraising List, to see if you are eligible to apply for any of the grants listed.

Those who can prove they were unable to raise sufficient funds for travel can apply for co-funding by writing to the GYA Office at . Preference will be given to members from ODA recipient countries.

Only the cheapest economy class fare is eligible for co-funding. Please note that reimbursement is contingent on the availability of funds and we can only provide a partial refund (up to 70%) of ticket costs. Co-funding will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The GYA can only refund you after the conference and after having received the required, original documentation.

Before you book:

1. If you want to apply to the GYA for travel co-funding please
– State your motivation for participating in the GYA AGM (max. 200 words based on your own perspectives of GYA goals)
– Provide information about your activities (for new members: interests) within the GYA (short statement is required – max. 100 words)
– Provide information and documents regarding your applications to other donors and their results
– Indicate the total travel costs incurred (please specify estimated costs for airfare, using lowest cost economy fares, and possible additional costs, and do not forget to indicate the original currency!)
– Amount of co-funding requested from the GYA (Please indicate the currency!)

2. Please contact the GYA office at before booking a ticket with the details of the flight you intend to book (including information regarding from where you travel & times, the airline, and the price of the ticket, currency) and wait for confirmation from the office. We might have to ask you to book a cheaper flight. Generally, the GYA will not be able to co-fund more than 70 % of the flight ticket.

3. Please note that according to applicable German regulations, your flight cannot be reimbursed if you book “business travel” or if your trip is combined with more than five work days (Mo-Fr) of private stay or stay for another purpose (weekends not counted) beyond the AGM (28/29 April – 3 May).

Those who already booked their flights:
Please contact the GYA Office at immediately and send us your flight booking confirmations!

At the AGM
4. Please sign a participant list at the conference and hand in your original ticket invoice as well as the original boarding passes. You also have to hand in your filled-in and signed Reimbursement Form AGM 2019 to a designated staff member. On the form, please indicate your expenses in the original currency (Please do not convert the costs to EUR/USD yourself) and type your account number, name of your bank and the international bank details (IBAN +SWIFT/BIC/Routing number). Note that handwritten account details may lead to misspellings and cause additional costs. If your bank doesn’t have an IBAN or SWIFT code, we will need the details of a corresponding bank (complete address).

After your return
If you didn’t hand in your reimbursement claim at the AGM:

5. Please follow the instructions above and send the original ticket stub and your boarding passes, possible visa costs and train tickets together with the Reimbursement form AGM 2019 to the GYA Office:
Franziska Güntner
c/o Leopoldina
Emil-Abderhalden-Straße 37
06108 Halle (Saale)

6. Upon receipt of all required documents, your partial refund will be transferred to your bank account. In order to speed up refunding, you can send us a scanned copy of the required documents by email. Please understand that we still need the original documents in addition. Should we not receive the original documents after having refunded you on the basis of scanned copies, you will have to be excluded from travel co-funding at the next GYA meeting.

7. Should you be co-funded by a second donor for your travel costs and need the originals for the other donor, please change the related declaration at the end of the reimbursement form “No third party will…” to “A third party contributed with the amount of [AMOUNT; ORIGINAL CURRENCY] to my travel expenses.” and send it to the GYA Office together with copies of the travel invoices and the letter from the second donor regarding their funding for you travel.

8. We advise you to submit your AGM 2019 expenses for the reimbursement immediately after the event. Please note that expenses submitted 6 months after the event will not be accepted.

9. Please be aware that any TAXI costs cannot be reimbursed.

If you have any questions, please contact Franziska Güntner at .