Visa information

Find your country in the following list to determine if you need a Visa to visit Germany:

If you do need a visa, you should apply for one at a German embassy or consulate at least 3 weeks in advance and a maximum of 90 days before your trip. Do not forget to gather the necessary documents well in advance.

Find information on Visa fees here:

Find the application form here:

In the form, you should mention the GYA as a reference:

You need to hand in quite a few documents in order to apply for a Visa, including:

  • your application form fully completed and signed
  • two passport size photos
  • valid national passport
  • a letter of invitation (which the GYA can provide)
  • your travel itinerary (So book your flight before applying for the Visa)
  • proof of accommodation
  • travel insurance
  • proof of financial means
  • proof of paid visa fee

Find an overview on visa regulations provided by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany on their website here.
Contact the GYA Office in case you need assistance.

Visa Invitation Letters

If you need a visa invitation letter, please contact the GYA Membership Office (Franziska G√ľntner): and include the following information:

  • passport number and nationality
  • name as it appears in the passport
  • date of birth
  • affiliation (employer/employment)
  • personal address

Here you can find a Visa Application example